Miami Ad School Europe Against Humanity

MASE Against Humanity is an unconventional promotional piece for one of Europe's most creative school. It is a brutally honest card game, designed to introduce life in the creative industries, in a satirical, not-so-politically correct way. The game serves as an introduction for perspective students but also as a therapeutic outlet for members of the industry - just try and see. The physical version came in a limited number of copies, but the cards are also available online as a downloadable, ready-to-print PDF at

Event Concept

"8 Pauli" is a format that features Gameboy sound samples, played in the heart of one of Hamburg's popular neighbourhoods - St. Pauli. The genre which gets Tokyo and New York on their toes, now comes to Germany. The chip tune scene, which explores 8bit music, mixed with electronic and dance vibes, is vastly emerging and we decided to give it a face.

The well known mark of St. Pauli, the skull with bones, looked through the 8bit prism. 

Innovation Consultancy CI

A small business/marketing/innovation consultancy which wants to be different from the big fish on the market.